Perfect for parties, events, gala's, art and science museums!

The Supermoon is a stunning 20 foot in diameter internally lit inflatable art installation, available for events, museum and art gallery displays.  The Moon has been a magical light for the senses and soul ever since people first looked up the sky - this is your opportunity to bring the mind-blowing Supermoon exhibit to your next event.

  The Supermoon is designed from NASA photographs of the lunar landscape. Every inch of this inflatable sculpture represents 3 miles of the moon’s surface. You can see every mountain and impact crater on its surface.

Its beauty and sheer enormity it will naturally bring in people to any event. It also can become an incredible collaboration of art, architecture and nature which can be enhanced even further with external lighting. An original musical score featuring lunar sounds may also be included in the showing.

Delivery is available in the United States and Canada, which includes techical support and a visit by the artist.

To learn more about this incredible visual exhibit, visit

Give Larry Zamba a call at 262-344-5275 and let’s discuss how the Supermoon can help create a spectacular visual at your event that people will never forget.



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